The street furniture on the plaza Søren Kirkegaards Plads in Copenhagen consists of plinths, litter bins, bollards and cycle racks – and exhibits a design and architectonic idiom that maintains continuity with the extension to the Royal Library. A coherent, lucid idiom and materials palette underscores the character of the plaza: robust yet with a clean, classic elegance.

The plinths figure as clearly-defined horizontal elements, fitted with seating of azobe wood on a base of aluminium-lacquered steel. They are coordinated in with the water, the wooden quay and the plaza’s surfacing of black granite. The litterbins, bollards, and cycle racks are also constructed of aluminium lacquered steel and fulfil their functional requirements unobtrusively, without disturbing the overall visual image. Søren Kirkegaards Plads thus matches the waterfront in its unfussy pragmatism – and constitutes a prominent fulcrum for the life of the city and its architecture.