A subtle and extreme minimised design crated for full integration in the interior space. Specially developed for a classic lamella ceiling system, the lamp blends into the simple geometry of the lamellas and is only visible when turned on. This elegant design allows the interior space planning to focus on only the interior elements that are actually active. By using the exact sectional geometry of the lamella in the section of the lighting fixture, and by designing every detail and function as a fully integrated and hidden part of the fixture, an optimized integration is achieved.

The light integrates with the ceiling system in perfect balance, and can be used in both very strict or more playfull patterns – whereever you have lamellas, you can place the light. The fine faceted screen covering the light source, spreads out the light in perfect homogeneous quality. It adapts the colour of the lamella when the light is turned of, to leave the fixture almost invisible in the ceiling and thereby to create a visually clean and minimalistic surface.