Danfoss reception counter

The reception counter for Danfoss meets the preference for a design that combines a freestanding outdoor sculptural element with a traditional reception design for a foyer space. In schmidt hammer lassens design these two aspects are fused in one and the same element: a sculptural reception counter. Positioned so that there is a clear view of it from every angle, the counter is also visible from the outside. The design idiom takes its cue from an item in Danfoss’s own universe: the metal chip – a “waste product” produced by metal-cutting operations. The final design is the result of repeated modifications of the original form, and provides both optimal physical settings for the reception workstations whilst retaining the free-floating “chip” form.

Constructed as a self-supporting structure of a glass-fibre based composite material, the counter basically rests on just five points. The lustrous, curving surface spins out to a full 14 metres in length and to 3.5 metres in height. All the requisite reception functions are integrated in the counter itself, supplemented only by regular desks wrapped around by the gently protective sculptural form. As a result, the counter strikes the visitor as an eye-catching and arresting element – a traditional function given a wholly untraditional treatment.

Danfoss reception counter by shldesign