Växjö Library, Sweden

The City Library consists of a new building and a careful renovation of the existing library, designed by the architect Uluot in 1965. The extension is an independent, circular volume, which meets the the square shape of the main volume through a glass volume in-between the two. The building as well as the interior consists of a mix of existing and new elements, combined in a way that creates a unity. All furniture has been hand-picked or developed to create a perfect balance between form and function, building and interior.

A custom made bookshelf follows the shape of the space, taking maximum advantage of it and introduces orderliness and clean lines. From the large piece of furniture in the atrium good visual contact throughout the building is established, and the pieces of art in the connecting building have an aestetical as well as an connecting function between the two building elements. A simple and clearly readable signage makes it easy to find one’s way through the building. Materials and colours are light and neutral, enhancing the books, the people, the art and the activities.