When NRGi decided to leave their old domicile and selected schmidt hammer lassen for the design and construction of their new, modern headquarters, they chose schmidt hammer lassen design to carry out the entire interior and design program for the building. They too decided on moving from primary single cell-offices to a largely open-office structure. Some administrative functions and particular departments are still located in smaller, secluded areas because of the discretion requested by meetings and by particular tasks. The new headquarters of NRGi is an energy optimized house, with energy saving initiatives built into the technical control systems of the house and into the design and structure of the building itself.

It is a technical house; its very architecture clearly reflects this. The selection of furniture and materials used in the interior design has been chosen to enhance an unpolished atmosphere. The aim is to create a fine balance between the soft and the rough; the cool and smooth materials create a base for a warm and soft detailing and fitting out. As a principle, all spaces are connected to each other – if not physically, then visually. This principle has made it even more important to work consequently with one coherent design concept. Some rooms are separated from the rest by glass walls – for example meeting rooms and administrative offices – but they are still visually connected to the rest. Two colours have been selected for the colour scheme; metal-grey and red. The metal refers to the technical aspects of the building, the red to the human, the soft and warm.