LETT Aarhus

After only two years in their new domicile in a modern highrise building i Aarhus, LETT needed more space and hade to move to a new location. A new building under construction at the City Hall Square in Aarhus was chosen and the challenge for the interior and design project was to integrate the entire organisation split up on 3 flores without loosing the feeling of beeing one united company. An important issue was to place the main entrance, reception, lounge, meeting and canteen area at one and same level. In this way every employee and guest would pass by the reception on the way in and out and at the same time everyone would during the day benefit from the location on the top floor.

As at the previous location we chose to integrate a huge aquarium as the first thing you meet when you enter the reception. It brings not only beauty and activity to the space, but also tranquility and nature as an active part of the interior. All other parts of the shared facilities are created as open and transparent space with the possibility to screen if necessary. The glass walls secures that every squaremeter is visually united and both inside and outside the meeting rooms you get the feeling of a more spacious interior. Colours, furniture, lighting, art and graphic is no longer just for one specific room, but floats into the entire space. Office floores below the shared service floor all contains same elements of design and openness and thereby connects vertically throughout both building and organisation.