LETT Aarhus

LETT Laywers chose in 2005 to move from an outdated office-space to a modern domicile, a choice which met the company’s wish of working in an open office space. The choice fell on a floor in a modern and recently completed high rise building in the heart of Aarhus.

The lease deal comprises access to “shared services”, which means shared reception, canteen, meeting- and conference facilities. All are placed at the top of the building, meaning that employed and guests alike will get the opportunity to enjoy the amazing view and experience Aarhus seen from a birds-eye perspective.The idea behind the refurbishing of the office space is the creation of an open office space in which the visual contact internally and the view of the city is not obstructed by by inventory and furniture. This is seen as a tool to create an equal spatial lay-out and to reinforce the values which lie implicit in the informal meeting and contact across the entire company. Two elements from the graphical company profile are incorporated into the design of the new office; the logo and the logo-colour. The colour has been used as an inspiration for the stunning and continuous green colour, here tying the individual elements of the tailor-made furniture together. The logo has been elaborated into a super graphical, yet recognizable pattern used on glass screens and partition walls. Access to the LETT offices is gained through elevator directly to their door, and LETT welcomes its clients by the means of a spatious and simple interior design. Its laid-back and modern attitude is enhanced by an enormous aquarium built into the reception desk.