Kromann Reumert Copenhagen

For the extension of Kromann Reumerts office in Copenhagen, we created a new interior office, meeting and lounge space with focus on making a functional yet intimate and cozy atmosphere. The extension of Kromann Reumerts head quarter in Copenhagen is situated in the neighbour building and connected to the original head quarter building by a new walkway hanging between the facades. Because of the physical distance it was of great importance to create a visible and “professional emotional” connection and at the same time respect the fact that the new space is created in another time and place.

This challenge was solved by adapting well known and functional qualities and materials from the existing house and bringing in new designs, unique costom made furniture and graphic decorations – all in some way related to the existing interior design and always related to the overall high standard and passion for good quality.  All office furniture are flexible and mobile to meet a daily demand for easy changes. Hallways and lounge areas are created as one united open space and furnished with various types of elements with the title “cubic landscape”; different angular geometric modules each with its own size and function (meeting, archive, game, café, information etc.) but all connected in material, detail and simplicity.