Kromann Reumert Copenhagen

The new Kromann Reumert headquarters is a highly distinctive and thoroughly resolved office building whose furnishings and fixtures, as regards both design and materials, maintain a continuity with the elegant idiom and character of the building itself. The interior design project encompasses both design and the selection of furnishings and fittings for the building’s various functional areas. The fixed furnishings include the design of countertops, furniture for sitting and waiting areas, canteen and café furniture, library shelving, cloakrooms, storage furniture for meeting rooms, outdoor lighting fixtures and outdoor seating.

Loose furnishings include the design of furniture for sitting areas, meeting tables along with specialized furniture for the canteen and café. Other items to be selected include rest furniture, chairs, tables, lamps and carpets. Following on naturally with the same fine materials as those incorporated into the building the palette is limited to natural stone, glass, wenge and oak, leather, linoleum and stainless steel. The Kromann Reumert building thus represents an elegantly integrated design concept in which architecture and interior are fused into a unified whole.