As part of Bruun’s Galleri, the KMPG head office is linked in a synergistic relationship with central Århus. The 17-storey office tower affords an outstanding view of the city, the bay and the landscape – and to enable all to take optimal advantage of the location, the primary communal functions are situated on the uppermost levels. Via an open double height stairwell, the reception on the 15th floor provides access to the restaurant on the floor below. A mobile wall allows the restaurant to be screened off so as to double as a conference room for approx. 100 persons.
Apart from a few quiet rooms and meeting rooms, all the office floors are open-plan, with all storage furniture on wheels and thus easily transportable, affording optimal service across functions. All floors feature lounge/library/training facilities as buffer zones in the lift areas. The interior design is neutral, finely delicate and minimalist – while the artist Peter Skovgaard’s abstract and characterful decoration resolves the building into a unitary whole: from the foyer at the lowest level through to reception at the very top.

Blackbox modular bench and sidetable by Lars Vejen shldesign