International Business School, Kolding

International Business College Kolding is to be extended with a new wing that is sympathetic to the character of the existing building. Thus, the lowest storey of the new building is in red brick, just like the original college building. By the same token, the uppermost horizontal strip of ribbon windows will be framed by a copper border that runs the full length of the façade, fastening on to the original building and thereby providing a vividly articulated connecting link. The building will form the setting for the creative teaching of foundation course students. The interior is clustered around a 3-storey high atrium with a mirror pond at the base and the skies above.

Two classroom zones flank the atrium while seminar rooms of various sizes are punched into the high atrium. The teaching requires two types of space: the somewhat more enclosed classroom zones and the open and visible seminar rooms. The building is designed to comprise two distinct types of spaces to cater to the two forms of learning – the concentrated class-based teaching and the more practical, learning-by-doing modalities. At the base of the atrium retail outlets, visual marketing and offices are installed. This space may also be used for large meetings and lectures.