Fredericia City Hall

The beautiful city hall of Fredericia is designed by Haldor Gunløgsson and Jørn Nielsen (inaugu-rated 1965). It faced a large renovation as it in 2005 was decided to collaborate with schmidt hammer lassen on this project. Over time, the town hall had been through several alterations, and alltogether they comasked and blurred the consequent and conceptual architectural language of the building. Our task was set upon creating a total master plan for the renovation project and to rebuild and re-design the new Citizens Service, which is placed in the hall right beside the entrance. The project turned into comprizing the elaboration of a design-manual, renovation of the building, design of a new entrance area and design of the new Citizens service plus the al-terations needed for the implementation of the new elements.
Our plan was to restore the building-parts to what they were, only adding what was needed, concerning changes in modern space and materials, to turn the town hall into a modern working environment. The result is a “rejuvenated City Hall”, with a clear and fine historical reference acting as a backdrop for an up-to-date working environment. schmidt hammer lassen design is behind the interior furnishing and design of the new reception counter in the large open office space, using the original oak-slats from the old interior (see first picture). This is just one example of the respect for and incorporation of the history in the redesigning of the interior.