Formuepleje, Aarhus

The company Formuepleje wished to move from a classical building into a floor of the modern and newly built `KPMG-house´ in the center of Århus. Formuepleje preferred avoiding meetings with the clients in the meeting- and conference-facilities high up in the tall building, this being the reason why the design of the interior turned into a mix of cell-offices and open offices, also providing space enough for client-meetings. In one end of the 50-meter long space, a row of offices along the facade was established. All partition walls are made of clear glass to maintain maximum contact between the smaller offices and the open office space.

Towards the open office space traditional drapes are placed, separating the offices during meetings and providing the offices with softness and a relaxed atmosphere. The location of the offices along the facade creates an open space, a square in the center of the building. The square is not directly in connection with the facade, but because of the partition walls in glass a good contact to the windows, the view and the light is maintained. The space is furnished with a string of tailor-made archive- and shelf-units continuing all the way through the space. In the other end it turns into café counter, reception, benches and more shelving. Between the two types of offices a lounge is arranged on a soft carpet, right by the elevators, intended for guests waiting, informal meetings or little breaks. The selected furniture is a mix of catalogue furniture and tailor-made design, for example the shl designed raise/lower table “SHL table” from DJOB.