As schmidt hammer lassen architects in 2002 got the task of renovating, refurbishing and extend the existing domicile of Danfoss in Nordborg on Als, schmidt hammer lassen design was quickly involved with the project. This developed into an intense collaboration, in which all details were treated with the same care and attention.

Apart from the work with the interior design, the integrated furniture solutions and the custom made items, shl design were in charge of collaboration with various artists and the implementation of their works in the total design. The solution to the task turned into being a fine balance between new and old, where classical architectonical elements are accompanied by new, modern solutions, and where danish furniture classics are combined with beautiful modern carpets, rugs, lamps and works of art. And where tailor made products, as for example the large and sculptural reception counter, add to the uniqueness of the experience of entering and being in the building, providing the visitor as well as the employee with inspiration and experiences.