Comwell Spa Hotel

Situated in one of the most beautiful and unspoiled natural areas in Denmark, in the beech forest on the hills towards Vejle Fjord, Kellers Park Comwell Spa and Conference Hotel accommodate a wide selection of experiences.
The hotel consists of both old and new buildings united in a classical architecture and design – embrasing nature and heritage yet still allowing the most modern and urban qualities to integrate through out the project. Today the house hosts hotel, spa, conference, gourmet restaurant and 10 unique private apartments integrated in the huge roof construction on the top of the hotel and thereby as a part of the resorts 24 hour fully serviced concept.

The over all architectural design is classic and strongly related to the historical buildings from 18…? The interior design uses simple and clear natural elements and materials to emphasise the location in the middle of nature. Basically only two colours is used; dark brown and matt white/cream. Brown relates to nature; the soil and trees in the forest and white to the clean and clear sense of the wellness atmosphere. By using only few and strong elements like these, the overall exclusive atmosphere is emphasised and brings a calm feeling to any area, activity and function. Further more nature, which is visible every from the building, becomes an active part of also the interior.
As a surprising element and to bring energy and activity into specific chosen areas, powerful unique art paintings by the same carefully selected artist, is placed through out the hotel. The art collaborates in a delicate balance with both interior and activities, and allows the guests to explore or simply turn away for the ultimate calm experience.