CfL Copenhagen

When cfl (center for management) contacted schmidt hammer lassen design, the had been struggeling with the functionality of their reception area in combination with a changing organisation and new ways of working. The space had simply become too crowded and challenging to use and approach as both employee and as a visitor. They needed to update the funtions, to adapt to changed ways of using the space and to send out a clear message; the space is here to be used!

We chose to create a very open space and to combine the reception area with library/book shop, lounge, meeting point and information area. In this way the room today is much more than just areception and a passage – it has turned into a vibrant space with room and discretion for all kinds of the related activities – bringing shared knowledge out in the open and making sure that everyone becomes a part of it. Materials and colours are chosen in a classic palette “with a twist” to underline the seriousity of the business yet still bring in humor and modern elements.