Bodil Binner Copenhagen

In the heart of Copenhagen schmidt hammer lassen design has created a new shop interior for Goldsmith Bodil Binner. The recently finished retail space creates visual links between the manufacturing and exhibition of Bodil Binner’s contemporary jewellery so that customers can observe the creative processes behind the making of every piece. The project is split over two floors. At basement level is a sleek, futuristic workshop where Bodil Binner’s jewerllery is crafted. Overlooking this, floating above on a mezzanine level, is a retail space, showcasing the goldsmith’s latest collection.

Customers enter through the original covered gateway to the side of the building, walking through a corridor clad in raw polished steel tiles. This space has been designed to resemble a pirate’s treasure chest with the
curvature of the ceiling as the lid, encasing the customer within a sparkling world of mirrors. shl design has created a double-height entrance leading down to the workshop and up to the shop, unlocking all spaces of the building as soon as a customer enters through the door. Bodil Binner’s new space has been conceived more as an exhibition space than a traditional retail environment. The interior has been stripped out and its walls, floors and ceilings painted white. These simple, raw painted concrete and wood surfaces contrast the smooth finish of the exhibition wall, finished in marble plaster, which runs throughout the entire shop floor and into
the workshop, creating a sense of cohesion throughout the building. Creating visual links between the retail and workshop spaces was a key aspect of the brief. The newly fitted, large rectangular windows intersect both
levels of the scheme, allowing the mezzanine and basement floors to be simultaneously visible from the street. The entrance has been moved from the front of the building, allowing the facade to remain a simple and elegant architectural statement. The interior is furnished with a range of bespoke fittings – the compact reception desk, which features two interlocking surfaces, lends a contemporary feel. The exhibition walldisplayspieces of jewellery within a specially designed, continuous glass case that runs flush with the surface of the wall and is dramatically lit by LED spotlights.