LEGO historical exhibition

LEGO Systems turned to schmidt hammer lassen design in 2006. They needed a designer and interior architect for their new visitors center – LEGO collections 2010-1032. The new center was to be relocated from its partly hidden location in the basement of Hotel Legoland to a prominent address in the center of Billund. To be precise, it was to move into the building where LEGO started, a building which for a great many yeas also formed a part of the LEGO factory. As the name of the exhibition implies, our concept turned into an exhibition where the visitor is brought back in time, through the history and evolution of LEGO – from the future to the past, accompanied by pictures, photos, sound, stories, film cut and of course exhibited LEGO products.

From the newest virtual worlds across the well known plastic blocks to the very first series of hand manufactured wooden toys. The idea of the `backwards´ time-line took its cue from the buildings in which the exhibition was to be located, and from the demand from LEGO, to create an innovation-space in close contact to the exhibition. The total complex of buildings consist of a wide variation of volumes, ranging from the original villa, where the founder of LEGO, Ole Kirk Christiansen, developed Lego and additional buildings which over time have been functioning as factory, office, even as town hall. The exhibition evolved in close collaboration with LEGO and in the phase of realization with Kvorning Design & Communication, who have been responsible for the implementation and construction of the exhibition.