Red Dot Design Award 2005

Flakes is comprised of two types of material: a chromium-plated tubular steel frame and a seat and back in glass fibre. The properties of glass fibre make it possible to create a very thin glass fibre shell, a slender flake – hence the chair’s name. The transparent seat is constructed of five layers of laminated glass fibre and may be cast with embedded materials of various kinds. One version, for example, is cast with embedded carbon fibre, while a variety of coloured versions have been coated in varnish. There is also an upholstered edition of the chair. While the transparent version of the chair appears light and discreet – a shadowless chair – the varnished and upholstered editions present a more striking and graphic appearance.   The chair is stackable, may be used both indoors and out, and is available with and without arms. In the version with arms, the frame loops up from the front leg through the armrest before continuing round the back of the chair: a single coherent form. Flakes was designed for ARoS, where the transparent version furnishes the museum café while the upholstered version is installed in the museum’s own conference rooms. Café tables, bar stools, bar tables and a stool are also included in the series. A lounge series incorporating tables and chairs are in preparation.